GMK 9009 Spacebar Kit

GMK 9009 Spacebar Kit

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GMK 9009 R2 is a rerun of a classic Reuters keyboard keyset brought to life through modern keycap production. The set will be manufactured by GMK in Germany featuring long lasting ABS keycaps with timeless colours. The group buy has been organised by janglad on Geekhack and monokei is proud to be the SEA/AUS/NZ proxy for this beautiful keyset. 

This is the spacebar. For base and addon kits, please visit the links provided in the store.


GB will start on the 2nd of Oct (GMT+8) and will end in 2 weeks barring any changes. All participants will be updated throughout the process via email and also via the GH thread. 

Price drops:

Spacebar Kit

MOQ (100) $30
MOQ (250) $26


Price drops will be reflected directly to your payment mode at the end of the GB. You will receive a partial refund if and when we do meet the required tiers. 

Update: We've reached 250 orders worldwide! Price has been adjusted to reflect the change. People who joined earlier will be refunded at the end of the GB. The GB has also been extended for a week, until 23rd Oct.