February 2018 - Part 1

Hi all,

Some short updates regarding current and upcoming projects.

1. KIRA60

Shipping confirmation emails are out, please check to make sure that your info is correct. We will follow up with shipping invoices very soon.



Thesiscamper has unveiled another keyboard in the line of the KIRA brand. A compact 1800 design with mid inserts and a great design as always. GB will start once we conclude the KIRA60 shipping. Expect this in 2-3 weeks. Limited spots.

3. Maxkeys Calm Depths

Samples have arrived to the main GB organiser on GH, ye_cole. We will be addressing buyers who bought from us shortly about the viability of the buy. Emails with more information will be sent out soon.

4. GMK 9009

Some proxies have received their kits. We are still waiting for GMK to send us the tracking number. Updates will come as soon as we receive them.

5. SA Lux


We're restarting the IC thread for SA Lux. Set will be done by SP. More info to come soon.


As always, thanks for your patience and we're happy to hear from you if you have any suggestions for us :)